Friday, October 3, 2008

Aliens, Religion, and Egypt

Do you believe in UFOs? According to some surveys, 71 percent of Americans believe the government is covering something up regarding UFOs, and 48 percent of Americans actually believe extra terrestrials have visited our planet.

Scientific fact argues pretty clearly against any aliens visiting our planet. The sheer distances involved, the payload of fuel required to travel such distances, the cultural technology required to undertake the journey, the fact that a whole culture would have to live on the vessel for multiple generations, and decreasing odds that another planet shares all the unique characteristics to sustain life let alone an advanced civilization all make it unlikely that an extraterrestrial has physically set foot on earth.

However, it is interesting that so many people have had so many similar experiences around the world. One school of “scientific” thought has considered that perhaps the visitations are real, but that they are not from another planet but another dimension. Interesting. Coincidentally, the majority of UFO observations have been made not by Astronomers but by Astrologists and people interested in the occult.

Maybe the whole fuss has been caused by visits from spiritual beings and not little green men. The Bible teaches that religions have their roots in “teachings of demons.” A couple of movies have touched on this idea in the past several years. Stargate played with the idea of Egyptian religion and mythology being created by extraterrestrials. Just this year, the latest Indiana Jones had Mayan religion begun by “intra-dimensional beings.” Some people were upset that the latest entry had gotten away from a religion based thriller and had gone sci-fi. The fact is it didn’t.

So, maybe the planet is being visited by “outsiders.” Just not in the way that most people think.

*If you find this idea interesting, check out Hugh Ross’ “Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men.”


  1. Interesting, Jason! I was taught this 36 years ago by a man who'd done extensive study on it.

  2. Well then, I guess that I believe in aliens.


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