Monday, July 7, 2008

Acts: The Macedonian Call (16:4-10)

There used to be a popular story told from pulpits everywhere to illustrate the nature of faith. In this story there would be a dare devil tight rope walker crossing a rope strung between two sky scrapers or across the Grand Canyon or something. He would dazzle the crowd by succeeding and then ask them if they believed he could do it again pushing a wheel barrow. To those who affirmed he asked if they would be willing to prove their belief by riding in the barrow.
The Christian life is seldom as terrifying as riding a wheel barrow across a tight rope, for that matter neither is the call to cross-cultural evangelism. However, there is an element of the story that does apply. A life surrendered to God is a life that is out of control.
People often ask missionaries how they were able to be sure that they were called to a particular place. How did they end up where they are? Rarely, people have visions like that seen by Paul calling him to Macedonia. More often than not, though, the surrender to missions is more like climbing into a wheel barrow and enjoying the ride. There are a lot of closed doors along the way. Just as Paul and company were kept from going place after place before finally hearing the call to Macedonia, a lot of missionaries simply say, “yes, Lord,” and then wait to see where He will lead.
There is a lot more of Abram than Paul in the missionary life. The call is to leave home and family and everything you know and go where God leads.


  1. Hey man, i've been following your blog and I've just started a new one and I'm trying to get it out "there." G. Bless

  2. Great post. We struggled with this for a long time. We're currently m's serving in North Africa but we never felt this overwhelming calling here. We haven't been dreaming of living here since we were kids....we strongly felt his call togo overseas but the leading to this country wasn't as dramatic. It's been a struggle at times because we read biographies and often the people felt these overwhelming calls since they were little. I think this happens but maybe not as often as we think.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I have always found that "the Call" is a big problem for most Christians. We seem to think that it is time and job specific and for life as well. It is really (at least in my experience) more of a blind surrender. God seldom spells out the specifics before we have got on board.


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