Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Canis lupus familiaris

There are things in life that are worth doing, but you never find a good time to do them. Having kids, planting a garden, or buying a pet all come to mind. In the end there are people who just do it, the parents, gardeners, and pet owners among us. There may be a cost involved, but they find the rewards worth it.

Arguments could be made for all of the above, but the fact is that some people are meant to be parents and some really should consider sterilization. Some people have a knack for growing things, and some people can’t keep weeds alive. Cats are great to look at, and earning their love can be rewarding if they don’t make your eyes swell shut. However…

Buying a dog is something everyone should do at some point.

There really is a dog for everyone. Just think about it. What other species on the planet can produce Irish Wolfhounds (giant, hairy beasts over 3 feet tall) and Chihuahuas (glorified rats)? What other animal is capable of baiting bulls, or being carried around in a purse?

Yes, there are the bad sides to dog-ownership. They have to be trained. They have “accidents.” They like to chew. The have a whole obsession with each other’s butts. They love to get dirty. They like to explore garbage. The big ones can be scary and the little ones can be broken. But there are good things too.

You are their favorite person in the world. They don’t talk. They can be taught to help. They reduce the need to sweep the kitchen floor. They break down barriers with strangers. They can make you feel safer. They are good for your health. They -reduce stress. And the unconditionally love, no, they worship you.

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