Thursday, June 7, 2007


Christians are accused by Secular Humanists of being arrogant, ignorant people who force their view on everyone else. That this happens is really strange for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the majority of Christians believe that there are truths that apply to everyone, whether they believe them or not. Namely that God exists, that humanity is dependant on Him for life and Salvation, and that people need Salvation from God because they have strayed away from the way God created them to be. However, Humanists also believe that there are truths that apply to everyone whether they believe them or not. They say that there is no God and nothing happens after death. Belief in one system or the other does not entail a higher level of arrogance.

Secondly, Christianity teaches that people have a God given right to choose whether they will accept God’s teaching or not. While some Christians try to “spread the news” most do not. Any attempt to tell others what they believe is usually an attempt to warn others out of a concern for their good. Most Christians offer their views out of what they would call love. Humanists, on the other hand, (at least those that complain about Christians) tend to attack Christians and their message. They don’t spread their “we are just matter and will cease to exist in the end” message. Certainly not out of a concern for others or a desire to help them.

In the end the question must be raised. Which is arrogant? Is it arrogance to share a message that you have believed that could change lives? Or, is it arrogance to deny that message and attack its believers because it does not measure up to your (apparently complete) understanding of the universe?

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