Monday, May 7, 2007

Ignorance Lost

People today have a peculiar understanding of childhood. They see children as innocent and good without any need to be taught spiritually. They believe a child is an example of what innocent humanity should be. To reprimand or teach the child to behave in one way or another is to impose a view on them. Instead children should be allowed to grow and mature and choose for themselves what their view of truth is.

In realty, children are not innocent. They must learn how to behave and get along with others. What Postmodern thinking terms “innocence” is really just “ignorance.” If left to their own devices and decisions, they will ultimately choose to please self and seek their own good. “Good” here not being objective good, but good for self at the exclusion of others if necessary.

As a result, Christian outreach and evangelism directed at children is seen as a negative thing. The argument says that Christians should consider how they would feel if Muslims or other groups began an attractive and exciting children’s outreach in their neighborhood. Presumably, Christians would not like it, and therefore the “Golden Rule” dictates that they should also not engage in this sort of outreach.

While there are other arguments against children’s outreach programs, and some may in fact be valid, this one is not. It presumes that all ideas and teachings are equal. In fact it says that they are all equally wrong, while no right idea exists. If there is in fact no truth then every child must simply find a way of life that “works for them” and adults should not interfere. However, ideas are not equal and truth does exist. Children deserve to hear truth just as much everyone else.

Ignorance does not imply inability to learn.

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